Buddhist Tibetan Monks Dharamsala India

Young Monks.

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young monk imagery Tibet buddhism

emotional young buddhist monk from Nepal

young Tibetan buddhist monk in classroom

Tibet buddhist monk from Nepal

young boy Tibet buddhist monk Dharamsala India

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  1. I am caught by the look in his eyes and the semi smile of the boy in the third photo. It seems he is either seeing or thinking of something pleasant. I get to imagine what that is.

  2. these are outstanding shots – are you getting a gig w/ Natl. Geographic soon??? I hope you get famous but will still shoot for us! B-)

  3. Paula thank you for sharing these beautiful photos!! You have captured such emotion and done it in such a moving way! My favorite is the one in the middle where the boy is not looking at the camera…..love his eyes, his expression – the joy I see bubbling underneath …. I want that one! 😉

    1. OH Thank you so much Tiffany! I am thrilled you enjoy the imagery. The drawings are completely random and anonymous but I hope you can win the middle one too! It’d be great for the print to have such a loving home 😉

  4. Number three would look really good in the apartment that is now mine and will hopefully be coinhabited by a lovely young woman for the first years of the rest of our journey together.

    Love your work, Paula!

  5. I look at this little boys and all I can think is I want to take them in my arms and hug and squeeze them. They have such sweet innocent beautiful faces. I can’t imagine them starting a life as a monk at such a young age. You have captured their spirit in your photos. LOVE!

  6. I’ve looked at this many times in the last couple of weeks and I finally gave up on giving feedback because they’re all so beautiful and each has so much to say. I think I like the one of the 4 boys simply because of the color and the sweet serenity on the face of the focal point. That is a great deal of stillness in such a young face!

  7. This would go perfectly in my bedroom with all the pictures of the children from South America. ;-)The colors and expressions are phenomenal! xoxo

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