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New website for Paula Watts Photography!

Hello all! I’m so excited to announce the launch of my new website! Check it out!

I’ve taken some time (behind-the-scenes), between photoshoots, client meetings, emails, taxes (whaaaat, what’s that?!) blogging, bookkeeping, being a mommy to an adorable 2-year old, moving houses, being a wife, killing it at Crossfit (haha.. that last part is laughable), keeping up on social media (what’s this stories thing I need to do?)… okay, clearly a lot… to find and curate images that speak to my style, breadth of work, expertise, and experience. I’ve narrowed the galleries down extensively, but hope it gives my viewer (you) a quick and beautiful walk through my work. My passion.



Beauty Photography San Diego California

Wow, it’s been ages since I’ve blogged. I wholeheartedly blame becoming a mother (to the world’s cutest baby girl, might I add), but it’s a legitimate excuse. Entrepreneurship is more than full-time gig as you are in charge of every aspect, detail, decision and it’s hard to turn your mind off from ideas, inspirations, and dreams. Adding motherhood to that mix, and well, blogging got pushed to the back burner. Now, that being said, I also wholeheartedly believe it’s important. A kind of debrief from the work we are so passionately creating, as well as a working documentation of the process and behind the scenes nuances that you don’t always get from a portfolio page on a website.

I was fortunate enough to land the Lawless Beauty Campaign from 1650 Agency, here locally in San Diego, and immediately loved the brief. Not only is Annie Lawless taking the world by storm with her new line of Natural AF Cosmetics, but she is a gorgeous model for her brand and so gracious to work with.  From the start, we wanted the look to be something all-natural, both with tonality of the imagery and also minimal wardrobe and styling. For lighting, we definitely wanted bold but also very flattering as it’s for her cosmetic line. I love how they turned out and how they’re being used for her brand.

Distilleries in Portland | Oregon Editorial Photographer
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Distilleries in Portland | Oregon Editorial Photographer

I recently had the pleasure of working with the Oregon Business Magazine with my good friend and amazing art director, Jon Taylor Carter on a story about distilleries around Portland Oregon. Together, we toured three different distilleries, each with their own unique style and expertise. The three amazing distilleries were New Deal, Stone Barn Brandy Works, and House Spirits. Below are just a sampling of the imagery from the distilleries and the cover magazine shot! I hope you enjoy!

Portland Oregon Distillery Photography

PDX Distillery Photographer

Portland Distillery Photographer

Portland New Deal Distillery Professional Photography

Portland Stonebarn Brandy Works Distillery Photographer

Portland Brandy Works Distillery Photographer

Portland Distilleries Professional Photographer

Oregon Business Editorial Photographer

Trattoria Sbandati | Food Photographer, Bend Oregon
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Trattoria Sbandati | Food Photographer, Bend Oregon

If you haven’t savored the flavors of Trattoria Sbandati in Bend, Oregon, you are missing out! Juri and Kinley Sbandati have set the bar high with their new restaurant featuring authentic Florence cuisine and wine pairings. But do not expect an “eat and run” restaurant. They have set the tone to wine and dine and enjoy the atmosphere with four courses to every dinner.

I had the great pleasure of photographing some of Juri’s beautiful dishes for their advertisements and website. It was nothing less than an enjoyable experience working hand in hand with Juri and their amazing designer Jon Taylor Carter. We really wanted to show off the textures and beautiful colors of the dishes and continue with the theme of the Italian, rustic feel. In order to accomplish this,  I worked with specific lighting techniques to enhance and dramatize the food. It is really important to work with the balance of highlights brushing off the food and where the shadows fall to create the right feel. In addition, we wanted to include a bit of the low-light atmosphere in some of the images which is all about balancing the light and the connection between the restaurant and subject. To view other examples of my food photography, please visit my website here. Enjoy!

Central Oregon Premier Food Photographer

Authentic Italian Cuisine PhotographerOregon Professional Food Photographer

EFusjon Energy Drink | Product Photography | Bend, Oregon

EFusjon Energy Drink | Product Photography | Bend, Oregon

Photography work has been BUSY! I am very appreciative for all my wonderful clients, new and old who understand the importance of marketing in a downward economy. Thus, I am a bit behind posting my latest projects, I apologize. Here is the start of a round of new posts.  Efusion Energy Club recently hired me to photograph their new product, the energy drink “EDGE”. I worked with the raw acai berry with the product as well as showing the high energy performance of the drink, showing the sweat beads on the can itself. I also worked with the original can “RAW” with the dunk tank effect. The image showing the can splashing in water is a high end technique with super fast strobe flashes of light to capture the splash with perfect focus.

Bend Oregon Commercial Food Photographer

Bend Efusjon Professional Photographer