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Hello All! It is my pleasure to announce that from the 7th-26th of March, I will be back in Oregon and California for some photography work opportunities.

Due to the short nature of the trip, if you would like the opportunity to coordinate a photo shoot while I am back, please email me before the 7th of March.

If you would like to meet for planning future photo assignments, network, or just grab some freshly roasted coffee, please feel free to drop me a line anytime. Or just find me at Backporch Coffee.

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Instagram in India

As a professional photographer, keeping my creative juices flowing is a constant necessity AND a beautiful privilege. While in India, I feel like a kid in a candy shop, constantly over stimulated by the barrage of colors and textures and cultural nuances. While I generally have my trusty Nikons with me, I have really been enjoying keeping my creative brain waves active by just snapping imagery of everyday life using my good ole iphone.

Search for PWATTSPHOTO to follow my journey on Instagram in India.

Travel street photographer in India

North Rim Residence | Interior Photographer

North Rim Residence | Interior Photographer

I was hired to photograph this beautiful North Rim residence, designed by Mount Bachelor Design Studio. It was a great project with a clear vision of design and style. For some of the images, it was imperative that the outside view was shown clearly through the windows. My job as the photographer was to execute that while balancing the interior mood and lighting quality. This first image below, for instance was an important image to show off the beautiful exterior surroundings and the accommodating outside seating. In addition, for this project specifically, it was important to my client for the imagery to include the beam work seen in both the living room and kitchen. As the photographer, taking into consideration the needs of the client and finding the perfect angles can sometimes be a balancing act, but overall, combining the technical aspects of my work mixed with the creative vision and eye makes being an architectural photographer fun, challenging and never stagnant.

Hope you enjoy the final imagery.

Bend Oregon interior photographer Residential

professional photographer Portland Oregon Living Room Rustic Beams

Mount Bachelor Design Studio Architects Bend Oregon Interior Kitchen

professional architectural photographer Bend Oregon kitchen interiors

Kitchen professional photographer Oregon Rustic

professional photographer, Oregon, interior residence bar

Young Monks.

Young Monks.

Don’t miss your chance to enter the drawing to receive your favorite image from this series.

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young monk imagery Tibet buddhism

emotional young buddhist monk from Nepal

young Tibetan buddhist monk in classroom

Tibet buddhist monk from Nepal

young boy Tibet buddhist monk Dharamsala India

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The End of a Beautiful Era

If you’ve been a photographer for more than a day, you have most likely loaded a roll of 35mm Kodachrome film. It was the film I learned on. The film I learned to see light through, learned my limitations with, and the film I waited excitedly for to be processed at the lab. Yes, actually waiting to see your imagery with anticipation, eagerness, and always a bit of nervousness to see the results.

In this beautiful tribute to film photography and Kodak specifically, legendary documentary travel photographer, Steve McCurry, ventures out to literally capture the last roll of film produced by Kodak. It’s moving and humbling to be apart of this industry, seeing it’s movement and progression, and sometimes, digressions. Steve’s passion and imagery have inspired me immensely… to go the extra mile to get the perfect shot, to really see your subject and capture an image with heart, not just document the scene around you. I hope you enjoy this short film, giving appreciation to the end of a beautiful era.