Energy Club Drink Oregon Food Photography

EFusjon Energy Drink | Product Photography | Bend, Oregon

Photography work has been BUSY! I am very appreciative for all my wonderful clients, new and old who understand the importance of marketing in a downward economy. Thus, I am a bit behind posting my latest projects, I apologize. Here is the start of a round of new posts.  Efusion Energy Club recently hired me to photograph their new product, the energy drink “EDGE”. I worked with the raw acai berry with the product as well as showing the high energy performance of the drink, showing the sweat beads on the can itself. I also worked with the original can “RAW” with the dunk tank effect. The image showing the can splashing in water is a high end technique with super fast strobe flashes of light to capture the splash with perfect focus.

Bend Oregon Commercial Food Photographer

Bend Efusjon Professional Photographer

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  1. The dunk tank is absolutely rockin’ (in addition, “dunks” is my nickname, adds to the cool factor). Lady, you’re a genius. 🙂

  2. WOW!
    I want that house!
    But it only really looks great because of the photograper!

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