The End of a Beautiful Era

If you’ve been a photographer for more than a day, you have most likely loaded a roll of 35mm Kodachrome film. It was the film I learned on. The film I learned to see light through, learned my limitations with, and the film I waited excitedly for to be processed at the lab. Yes, actually waiting to see your imagery with anticipation, eagerness, and always a bit of nervousness to see the results.

In this beautiful tribute to film photography and Kodak specifically, legendary documentary travel photographer, Steve McCurry, ventures out to literally capture the last roll of film produced by Kodak. It’s moving and humbling to be apart of this industry, seeing it’s movement and progression, and sometimes, digressions. Steve’s passion and imagery have inspired me immensely… to go the extra mile to get the perfect shot, to really see your subject and capture an image with heart, not just document the scene around you. I hope you enjoy this short film, giving appreciation to the end of a beautiful era.