Norway… Food and Chefs
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Norway… Food and Chefs

I was recently hired to go to Norway to be a co-host of a food/travel TV show and to photograph the food and culture of the Norwegian Cuisine. I came away with some great photos that incorporate the lifestyle and passion behind the chefs and dining experience. Here is just a sneak peak at some of my favorites. The trip ranged from visiting some of the top chefs in Norway and their restaurants to going to the fish market or seeing a chef’s eye’s light up as they smell the freshly picked mushrooms from a nearby mountainside. (picture shown). The last picture shown is of a Sami man (indigenous Norwegian people) cook us Reindeer stew right over an open fire and sitting on reindeer skin. If I wasn’t there myself, I’d think it was unbelievable! For the show, my husband and I were also taken around the country just like tourists to see the culture and picturesque scenery of beautiful Norway. What an awesome experience!

alta norway professional photographer

Bergen Norway Chef professional food photographer

Bergen Norway Fish Dish food photographer

Alta norway american professional travel photographer