Artisan Landscaping | Architectural Photographer, Oregon

Artisan Landscaping | Architectural Photographer, Oregon

Wheww… it’s been a while since I’ve blogged. I’m sure everyone has their excuses, but mine is just out of sheer, head spinning, business. The saying “When it rains, it pours” could not explain my business more in this season. I’m not complaining, but instead, feel very blessed for my clients, new and old, who have put their trust in me for their photography needs.

A new client, Artisan: Outdoor Living & Landscape, hired me to photograph a home’s landscaping project in the Highlands. Before I met Kevin, owner of Artisan, at the home (residence to remain un-named), I had no idea what to expect – accept that I knew Artisan did beautiful work. I was blown away! Streams of water flowing around the home, rock formations (made by Artisan), waterfalls spilling into the pool, outdoor kitchen and bar, fire pits, an outdoor pizza oven, the WORKS! It was a photographer’s dream!

In order to accomplish the images seen below, the right time of day was crucial. In addition, highlighting certain key elements in the frame with the technical ability of proper lighting went hand in hand with what the sun was doing. Getting the right feel and mood to showcase this project was also a factor in deciding lighting placement and intensity. All in all, the client was thrilled, which means, I’m thrilled!

The recent issue of 1859 Magazine shows the final advertisement, designed beautifully by Dawn Boone Creative, here in Bend Oregon. Keep an eye out for more landscaping design by Artisan and images by yours truly.

Highlands Residence Landscaping Photographer

NKBA’s TOP 10 Kitchen and Bath Trends for 2010 | Architectural Photographer Bend Oregon

NKBA’s TOP 10 Kitchen and Bath Trends for 2010 | Architectural Photographer Bend Oregon

To check out a recent HGTV article on the National Kitchen and Bath Associations’s picks for TOP 10 Trends in 2010, click the link below. One of my images has been selected from a project designed by Kirsti Wolfe Designs.,3140,HPRO_28216_6027344_04,00.html

If you want to see more images from that same residence, click here:

World in Color Photography Gallery | Portland, Oregon

World in Color Photography Gallery | Portland, Oregon

Well, if you missed the big opening of the World In Color Photographic Gallery, you still have a chance to check out the art work. Not only is it hanging the WHOLE month of October at the Dyna Art Lounge in the Pearl District of Portland, I am also featuring the work right here on my blog. (although you truly can’t understand the beauty of an acrylic print until you see it in person). The gallery is open Mon-Fri, normal business hours and is located at 300 NW 14th Avenue, Portland, OR. The gallery is inside the Dynagraphics building, so go take a peak inside!

For special orders or purchasing details, please contact me directly at

This gallery is something that has been such a journey for me and my husband. Not only did we spend 6 months last year traveling the world, photographing our hearts out, we have really been trying to find out what the best way to share the imagery is and hopefully impact people along the way. When I was given this gallery opportunity, I knew it would be the right step in the right direction. I long for people to see these images not only as beautiful pieces of art but also as a way of appreciating other cultures and hopefully spuring on a desire to travel to all corners of the world. I feel that only then can people truly understand the need that is so evident in places like Africa and India and finally realize our place in helping. This gallery is meant to be a call to action. Whether the first step is learning more about a place, a foreign land that might put us out of our comfort zone, or a place that our heart longs to visit. The world is small. We can help one another.


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