Today Magazine, South Africa | Travel Photography

United States African Indian Photo Journalist Paula Watts

Photographing the world is my passion, my art, my worship, my joy, and my job. I am so blessed to be able to do what I LOVE for a living. Recently, Today Magazine, a Christian South African magazine, asked if they could feature me as their “artist of the month” and do an interview in their magazine with me. They asked questions about my art, but also what my heart is for raising awareness and impacting others with my photography. I hope you can read the article and, in doing so, get a better glimpse into my world of photography, work, and my heart.

U.S. African Indian Humanitarian Photo Journalist Paula Watts

World in Color Photography Gallery | Portland, Oregon

Longtail Boats Maya Beach Thailand Travel Photographer

Well, if you missed the big opening of the World In Color Photographic Gallery, you still have a chance to check out the art work. Not only is it hanging the WHOLE month of October at the Dyna Art Lounge in the Pearl District of Portland, I am also featuring the work right here on my blog. (although you truly can’t understand the beauty of an acrylic print until you see it in person). The gallery is open Mon-Fri, normal business hours and is located at 300 NW 14th Avenue, Portland, OR. The gallery is inside the Dynagraphics building, so go take a peak inside!

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This gallery is something that has been such a journey for me and my husband. Not only did we spend 6 months last year traveling the world, photographing our hearts out, we have really been trying to find out what the best way to share the imagery is and hopefully impact people along the way. When I was given this gallery opportunity, I knew it would be the right step in the right direction. I long for people to see these images not only as beautiful pieces of art but also as a way of appreciating other cultures and hopefully spuring on a desire to travel to all corners of the world. I feel that only then can people truly understand the need that is so evident in places like Africa and India and finally realize our place in helping. This gallery is meant to be a call to action. Whether the first step is learning more about a place, a foreign land that might put us out of our comfort zone, or a place that our heart longs to visit. The world is small. We can help one another.


juxtaposition Chaing Mai Thailand Travel Photo Journalist

wat lok moli Chaing Mai Thailand Photographry

Angkor Wat Travel Photographer

Cambodia Angkor Wat Monk Travel Photographer

ta prohm Ankor Wat U.S. Travel Photographer

table mountain cape town s.a. travel photographer

Red Hill Cape Town South Africa U.S. Photo Journalist

Red Hill Cape Town Fire Photo Journalist Photographer

Hondural Travel Photographer

Jodhpur India U.S. travel photographer

pink city Jaipur india U.S.  travel photographer

gentle dignity Indian Woman travel photographer

Udaipur india travel photographry

Lava Lake | Nature Photography | Bend, OR

Oregon Cascade Lakes lava lake Star Trails Photographer

This last weekend, a bunch of my friends and I went camping at Lava Lake in the Cascade Mountains. The stars were shining so bright from our campsight that the next night we went to the lake at around midnight while I snapped this long exposure of the stars. Here’s the fun result! Enjoy!

India::A Photographers Delight

Shop keeper man in Udaipur, Rajasthan India Stock Photography

If you’re a photographer and you’ve never been to India… go! India is full of vibrant colors, rich culture, and beautiful people! I had an amazing time walking and exploring the streets of towns like Jaipur, Udaipur, Puna, Jodphur, and they all have something unique and beautiful to offer. For instance, Jaipur, is the Pink Town, so much of the old Jaipur is painted in pink! Jodphur, on the other hand, is the Blue City, so most of the town’s buildings are blue! Its incredible. Here are a few clips from my time in India! If you’d like to see more, don’t hesitate to ask! I am always a ham to show my photography!

Old Woman in Goa, Stock Photography

Pink City Jaipur India Stock Photography travel photographer

Africa Oh Africa

Artule Red Hill Cape Town South Africa Photo Journalism Photographer

After spending 6 months on a trip
around the world, the last three in Africa, my eyes have been open to the opportunities to help others less fortunate. My husband and I spent those 3 months working in a township called Red Hill, living amongst the Xhosa people. Yes, we lived in a “squatter camp” in a shack, and loved every moment of it… well, almost. We were able to help the people living there rebuild their homes after a huge fire that destroyed all of what meager possessions they had. Our team built 79 homes in 2 short months and witnessed changes in people that last a lifetime. Here are a couple images of the faces I saw on a daily basis. Unforgettable!

Our Neighbor Zimbabwean refugee S.A. Professional Photographer

Red Hill Post 2008 Fire South Africa Photo Journalism Photographer


Well, its officially 12 days before my husband, Nick and I leave for our adventures overseas for 3 months! January 21- April 17! Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore, India, South Africa, Mozambique, Argentina, and Cost Rica!
One of the reasons we are going to the 9 different countries we are visiting is, of course, photography! I am so excited to photograph the different sceneries and people groups- and even teach photography in Cambodia! Wow- chance of a lifetime! Another main purpose of the trip is to serve others less fortunate! We are teaming up with multiple different organizations to volunteer our time, services, and help wherever we can! That will include everything from loving and playing with children who have been orphaned in South Africa to volunteering our time and labor to help re-paint an orphanage in Thailand, to just being eager, willing people to serve others ! We couldn’t be more excited! Jesus said in Galatians, “the only thing that counts is faith expressing itself through love” and that’s what we intend to do – Show Jesus’ love to those who otherwise might not know what it’s like to be loved. I will continue posting pictures and stories of our time overseas and hope to be able to stay connected with whoever wishes! Also, if you are interested in booking Paula Watts Photography for assignments, please feel free to email me at and we can discuss bookings for projects in April!

Norway… Food and Chefs

Geilo Norway Chef with Mushrooms professional Photographer

I was recently hired to go to Norway to be a co-host of a food/travel TV show and to photograph the food and culture of the Norwegian Cuisine. I came away with some great photos that incorporate the lifestyle and passion behind the chefs and dining experience. Here is just a sneak peak at some of my favorites. The trip ranged from visiting some of the top chefs in Norway and their restaurants to going to the fish market or seeing a chef’s eye’s light up as they smell the freshly picked mushrooms from a nearby mountainside. (picture shown). The last picture shown is of a Sami man (indigenous Norwegian people) cook us Reindeer stew right over an open fire and sitting on reindeer skin. If I wasn’t there myself, I’d think it was unbelievable! For the show, my husband and I were also taken around the country just like tourists to see the culture and picturesque scenery of beautiful Norway. What an awesome experience!

alta norway professional photographer

Bergen Norway Chef professional food photographer

Bergen Norway Fish Dish food photographer

Alta norway american professional travel photographer

Rock Climbing and Kayaking…

Smith Rock Professional Stock Photographer Rock Climbing

One of the many reasons I love Central Oregon is for all the outdoor activities at my fingertips. Because I’ve been shooting a lot of stock images recently, It’s been a great chance for me to bring my camera along to the activities I love doing. Recently, I went kayaking and rock climbing with some friends. Here are some of the picts that resulted. (note: i am not the person doing the dangerous climb that’s silhouetted, I am however, the girl in the shot showing off my rear!) Not as impressive, I know.

Climbing Smith Rock Professional Stock Photographer

Climbing Smith Rock Stock Photography

Three River Kayaks Professional Stock Photographer

Deschutes River Kayaks Professional Stock Photographer